Early on in his working life, Dave Brennan came to realize two things; he had to be his own boss, and he had to be having fun! With these guiding principles Dave set off in business for himself at the tender age of 18.

His first business was located in Hyde Park. Brennan’s of Cleary Square was a unique store, full of surprises, one of a kind treasures, more than a few card games, and plenty of laughs. Dave figured out pretty quickly that if his customers were having a good time, finding whatever they could want, and getting the best price, that he’d be successful every day of his life. It is a business model he has never wavered from.

Generous by nature, Dave shared in the fun by encouraging his siblings to join in and open their own business and join his success. One by one they did, and a strong family business was born! It was a blast, and friendly competition kept everyone on their toes. During this time Dave also met his wife Lisa, and life became even sweeter as they joined in the adventure together.

Of course, nothing is without its problems, and in November of 2005 the government stepped in a tried to shut the family business down. Seems not everyone was a fan of our product assortment. Never one to back down from a fight, Dave’s sister spearheaded a landmark lawsuit, taking it to trial. Two and a half years later, the family walked away victorious; business was alive and thriving again!

Unfortunately, as will happen, not everyone continued to have fun after that. Between the lingering stress of the lawsuit, and the passage of time, Dave began seeking a new direction. In 2012 Dave and Lisa set about re-branding the company; Smoke & Ashes Tobacco Co was born.

Continuing today to grow, evolve, and stay current with all smoking trends; Smoke & Ashes Tobacco has never forgotten who we are at our core. We are simply the best discount tobacco retailers in MA. If you are a smoker, we’ve got you covered. You too are a member of our family.

So like Dave always says “If our customer is only in our store for five minutes, I want that to be the best five minutes of their day.”

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